Grand Lake Stream Area Chamber of Commerce.

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15 Water Street
Unit 3
Grand Lake Stream,
ME 04668
GLS Fish
GLS Fish
Motorcycle Touring
Canoe St Croix and fly fishing GrandLake Stream
Lakes Rivers and Streams
St. Croix River and Grand Lakes Watershed

Over 2 1/2 thousand square miles of canoe waterways

Four major lakes,10 smaller lakes and 65 islands for kayaking,
boating and swimming

Fishing for smallmouth bass, togue, perch and pickerel

Grand Lake Stream legendary fly fishing for landlocked salmon
Deer swiming and path
Wildlife Watching
Birding (180 species), moose, deer, black bear, bobcat, coyote,
river otter, beaver, loons

Little Falls
Dawn Marie Beach Path (1/4 mile)
Little Mayberry Cove (2 1/2 miles)
Pocumcus Lake Trails (1.3 and 3.6 mile trails)
Wabassus Mountain Trail (1 mile climb)
Hunting and Geocache
25 caches in GLS Farm Cove Community Forest
Numerous caches on Studd Mill Road and in/around Princeton

Covers for ruffed grouse, woodcock and waterfowl
Guided for bear, moose, deer, bobcat and coyote
atv riding and winter scene
Atv Trails
84 miles of trails maintained by our local ATV club
Interconnected trails to adjoining trail systems

snowmobile trails
Maintained by two local clubs
Also a clubhouse in Grand Lake Stream
museum and lodging
Traditional Sporting Camps
Country Inns
Lakeside Cottages

Grand Lake Stream Museum
Guide's Museum
Passamaquoddy Cultural Heritage Museum
Bellmard Cottage Museum